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Animal Aspirations Summer Writing Competition 2022

Terms & Conditions


  • Entrants must be UK citizens or residents, and be enrolled in a UK school.

  • Entrants must also be between 11 and 14 years of age. 



  • Only one original story per student is allowed. If more than one entry is submitted by one student, only one will be considered for the competition. The selection of which entry is submitted to the judges is at the discretion of Animal Aspirations.

  • All entries must have a maximum of 250 words (not including the provided Story Starter) and be written in English. If entries are more than 250 words, only the first 250 words will be read. 

  • All entries are prohibited from containing any profanity and inappropriate content.

  • All entries must be a continuation of one of the Story Starters provided.

  • Once submitted, no alterations may be made to your entry.

  • Make sure you keep a copy of your work as your entry will not be returned to you.

  • Entries will be judged without the panel of judges knowing the identity of the competitors, so the entrant’s name must not be included with their story, only on the online submission form where requested.

  • Entries must be sent electronically via the online submission platform, and must arrive no later than BST 11.59pm on Friday 16th December 2022

  • If the entrant is under 13, a parent or guardian must complete the consent form and email it to Please use the same email to send the consent form that you used on the submission form. Teachers, librarians and youth leaders should not use the permission form, but should comply with their own organisation’s GDPR policy. The permission form must be completed by BST 11.59pm on Friday 16th December 2022, and be submitted with the written piece. 

  • In the event that an entry is incomplete (i.e. missing parent consent form), then the candidate will not be considered in the competition. 

  • For acknowledgment of receipt of entries, please give your email address on the entry form. The online submission platform provides confirmation of online entries once you have completed the process.

Judgement and Prizes


  • The first place winner will receive a Junior Keeper for a Day Experience at ZSL London Zoo.

  • The second and third place winners will receive entry to the ZSL London Zoo and a tour from London Zoo's head veterinary pathologist (one adult ticket will be subsidised 50% per student, if required).

  • Each winner’s name, age, and entry will be published on the Animal Aspirations website and social media accounts. 

  • The prizes will be administered by the Animal Aspirations and judged by *to be announced*.

  • Their decision will be final and the organisers will not enter into any correspondence about the results.

  • The organisers reserve the right to change the judging panel without notice and not to award prizes if, in the judges’ opinion, such an action is justified.

  • The results will be announced on the Animal Aspirations website and social media platforms on *to be announced*

  • The winning entries and any others the judges wish to select will be published on the Animal Aspirations website and social media accounts.

  • The copyright of each prize-winning story will remain with the authors but Animal Aspirations will have the right in perpetuity to publish and/or broadcast the stories.

  • By entering the competition, you give permission for Animal Aspirations to hold the personal information you have given for the sole purpose of the competition. Once the competition has finished and winners are announced, your data will be deleted. 

  • The personal information that you provide will be securely stored by Animal Aspirations and will be used for no other purpose than this competition activity, nor knowingly passed to any other organisation or person not associated with or authorised by Animal Aspirations.

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