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Student Area

Welcome to the student area. This is where you will find information to help you achieve your aspirations!

Blog Posts

Here you will find articles and blogs written and edited by our Animal Aspirations team. We aim to cover a wide range of topics and upload new articles regularly.

Student Tips

Here you will be connected to multiple helpful resources including the student booklet to peruse different animal-related careers, tips for creating a personal statement, and guidelines on how to apply for university via the UCAS.

The Animal Aspirations Podcast

Keep up to date with every episode from the Animal Aspirations podcast here!

Useful Links

Here you will find a list of useful links ranging from material that will help you find work experience to resources that will help you prep for animal-science degree interviews.

Black History Month Resources

Interested in learning more about black history? Here are some interesting and enlightening resources featuring black conversations for you to peruse.

Interactive Area

Here you can enjoy some interactive quizzes and activities that we have made to give you a taste of what kind of subjects our workshops might  encompass.

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