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Under 15 Competition

Enter our competition for your chance to win a prize set on behalf of Animal Aspirations!

If you're under 15 years of age and a UK student, all you have to do is complete the quiz below to get to the competition submission page! We will need your name, email, birthdate (to confirm your age) and confirmation of your parent/guardian's permission. If you're a winner, we will contact you for further information on getting your prizes.

If you're between 15 and 18 years of age, head over to our Instagram for your competition!

Competition Rules:

  • You have until 12pm BST 18 April 2021 to enter into the competition.

  • You need to answer every question in the quiz to be eligible to win.

  • You MUST be as UK student under the age of 15 to be eligible to win.

  • You need to give us your contact details to be eligible to win, or else we won't be able to contact you if you've won.

  • If you are the winner, we will contact you once the competition is over on 12pm BST 18 April 2021 by the email you provided us.

    • If we do not hear from you with in 5 working days [please remember to check your junk mail!], we reserve the right to pass the prize to the second winner and you will thereby forfeit your winnings.

This prize set includes:

  • 1 Royal Canin pen and thermos

  • 1 Animal Aspirations pen

  • 1 Tote bag of your animal and colour choice (from a selected list of options)

    • 10% of the proceeds goes to a charity supporting that specific animal species​

  • 1 Wildlife Trusts year-long animal adoption in your name​

    • This prize includes facts sheets, a personalized certificate, and many more!​

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