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Personal Story


The story of my ambition to pursue veterinary medicine stemmed from a combination of my interest in medicine and animals, a choice I did not take lightly or without challenges. To understand more about what the profession entails, I was expected to complete a set amount of work experience. I'm glad I did, especially because I had no experience with an animal previously. The most memorable being during my time in ZSL where I had the opportunity to exercise palpations, analyse radiographic imagines and understand more about animal husbandry. This experience also granted me the chance to be around like-minded people, which meant that I was able to connect and make more friends from different backgrounds. This ability to communicate with different individuals is a pivotal attribute of being a veterinarian, as it encompasses a common skill of teamwork vets regularly practice. In addition to my other work experience, I was confident this course is suited for me.


However, there were setbacks along the way. One of which was being rejected in my first application cycle due to my interview performance. I took the option to try again. By taking a gap year, I'd improved my grades, got more experience and developed interests that matured me into a well-rounded person. The main interest I focused on is going to the gym regularly, which forced me to practice discipline. This benefit may have translated to the possible success of my second application, as I felt more focused on what the universities are looking for in an applicant. Overcoming this rejection took some time, but after thoughtful consideration, it was worth having another shot as I found it difficult to imagine doing anything other than veterinary medicine. In the end, I am glad I didn't let it discourage me, as now I am in my second year of studying veterinary medicine at the RVC with two scholarships.

This brings me to my next point which was the financial concerns I had whilst applying. Coming from a less fortunate background it was more of a challenge to see myself completing the full course without any financial struggle. As such, I was eligible to apply to the gateway course which certainly relieved the stress of acceptance but what overcame the financial concern was the scholarships. So it all worked out perfectly, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Another worry I had at the beginning was developing a friendship group. Living in London meant I had the privilege to stay at home and commute to RVC. However, this left me with little socialisation with my peers, this is due to covid, which meant that the content was online. Term 3 was the start of in-person lectures with the majority of covid restrictions removed, so I took this opportunity to meet many people through different events. Very quickly, I'd made friends that made every day that much more enjoyable. It highlights the supportive and close-knit community at RVC, which I am very grateful for. In terms of any advice for prospective students wanting to feel included, it is to not be afraid of approaching people at RVC. Many would be in the same boat you are and would also be looking to make some friends, and societies are a great way to start.


In the future, I will be exploring exotic medicine. Through specialising, I hope one day to apply my knowledge to better help prevent the extinction of endangered animals. All this is too exciting not to capture, so alongside my adventures in the wild, I'd like to start a Youtube channel, something I have been fond of achieving from a young age. With that, I am thrilled by the prospect of being a part of what I see from my experiences, a dynamic and fulfilling vocation which promises both challenges and constant change.

Written by: Shyam Kanjee

Disclaimer: We at Animal Aspirations pride ourselves as being an educational platform. We want people to formulate their own opinions, as well as respect the opinions of others. We kindly ask that you adhere to this message to help create a safe space for expression and starting conversations, for the benefit of everyone using this platform. Any discussion deemed to be offensive has the right to be removed by the Animal Aspirations team.


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