Animal Aspirations


‘Animal Aspirations’ began in January 2019 with the help of the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) Widening Participation team and is made up of a diverse group of vet students from various backgrounds. 


The aim of the initiative is to engage students from diverse backgrounds through interactive animal and science-focused workshops. We also aim to promote diverse role models and break the stereotypes of the veterinary and other animal-related professions by having a positive online and social media presence. Our achievements have so far allowed us to reach out to children from various backgrounds, exposing them to the versatility, ingenuity and ­­­­value of veterinary and animal-related professions. 

Animal Aspirations provides a source of information and advice for young people wishing to pursue a career working with animals


Animal Aspirations is a platform where young people are inspired to achieve their animal-related aspirations by providing them with positive diverse role models from veterinary and animal science backgrounds


Animal Aspirations encourages people from ethnically diverse backgrounds to consider a career working with animals in a wide range of different fields


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Exciting news, we are re-starting our in person workshops!! 

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