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Highly Commended
Reef Hendrix Brady Stacey

I found Maxie on the way home from school. He scuttled up to me with a pleading look in his eyes…

A look that, while adorable, could only mean one thing: My little lizard was hungry! Immediately, I went into the kitchen and swiftly grabbed his favourite food… only to find the box was empty. But I wasn’t about to make my friend go hungry, so I seized him and sped through door and onto my bike. As we were riding, the sun glared down at us as all the puddles from this morning had vanished.


Suddenly however, Maxie leaped off of the bike like a daredevil into a passing zoo! I quickly stopped and got off my vehicle, chasing my friend and at first, I saw him looking into a shallow bright glass case with other lizards inside. But then, I saw a security guard trying to grab him thinking he’d escaped!


Without thought, I entered and rushed past the tall guard. I got hold of Maxie, but then I saw what he was looking at. The other lizards. And then it hit me like a hammer to the head, so I turned around to the guard and said that the lizard was my pet but wanted to be with the others. The guard smiled, then put my friend in the tube. Before I left, I promised to the reptile that I’d visit as much as I could, and I think I could see a smile.

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